Common Ground advised the shareholders of AGEP on the transaction with KELLEN EUROPE

Common Ground Corporate Finance is happy to announce that Kellen Europe and AGEP, the two leading Brussels’ based Association Management Companies, have joined forces in Q1 2014. Kellen Europe and Kellen AGEP, both formed 25 years ago, have established a prominent presence in Brussels providing professional services to associations; including Association Management, Strategic Advice, EU Affairs, Public Relations, Communications and Conference Management.Common Ground acted as the exclusive corporate finance advisor to the shareholders of AGEP.

With this acquisition the Kellen Company becomes the largest management firm for associations in the food industry in the European Union as well as on a global level with offices in the US, Europe and China. Kellen has strategic alliances in the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

“Through this merger, we offer our clients a true window on the world and make sure they remain relevant, not only on a European but also on an international level. We are excited to have strengthened our position in Brussels and expand the scope of our clients”, said Alfons Westgeest, Managing Partner of Kellen Europe.

Alain Beaumont, former shareholder of AGEP said: “Common Ground’s role was instrumental in realizing this transaction. They prepared thoroughly the transaction and maximized our interests, with respect for the values of our company and the nature of our business.”


Common Ground advised on the sale of Heumatop to CRH Group

Common Ground Corporate Finance is happy to announce the successful sale of Heumatop to CRH plc. CRH plc is an international building materials group quoted on the London Stock Exchange. Common Ground acted as the exclusive advisor to the shareholders of Heumatop.
Heumatop is a leading regional player in the distribution of building materials.
For more than 60 years Heumatop has served regional construction companies and private builders. Over the years it also developed a strong expertise in garden products. Known for its strong and longstanding reputation and quality commitment, Heumatop provides its services mainly in the triangle Antwerp, Brussels and Hasselt.In order to support its growth strategy, Heumatop decided to joined forces with CRH plc, who has the ambition to increase the density of its builders merchants network throughout Europe.
“I very much appreciated Common Ground’s role during the transactional process”, says Pieter Tops, CEO and shareholder of Heumatop. “Next to Common Ground’s focus on maximizing our interests, they also understand the spirit, thinking and drive of a family business. This allowed them to take the lead in the negotiations and to structure a balanced deal with respect for family values.”