Debt and Equity Raising

Depending on the needs and requests of our clients, we can manage and coordinate with them or on their behalf the fundraising process.

Relevant areas of interventions include the following :

  • Definition of the optimal deal structure;
  • Selection of the most appropriate financial instrument, such as :
  • IPO, capital increases, right issue, private placements,
    • Bond, convertible bonds, private or public placements,
    • Syndicated or bilateral bank financing,
    • Asset based financing (leasing, (reverse) factoring, forfeiting, …).
    • Review and negotiation of the various competing offers received ;
  • Coordination of the due diligence process ;
  • Coordination of the practical implementation (IT, ancillary contracts,…);
  • Coordination of drafting of the agreements with the legal counsels:
  • Negotiation of the best terms with the various parties involved (lawyers, credit rating agencies, corporate bankers, investment bankers, investors, other financial intermediaries, …).

Our knowledge of the financial markets, both private and public, was developed through our involvement in the design and implementation of numerous financing transactions. This expertise is shared with our clients to achieve optimal terms and conditions.